• Organisatorisk strategi

Organisational Strategy

It is not so difficult to formulate a strategy for the company as a whole. Neither is it particularly difficult to write values with capital letters. The difficult issue is, as you know, to make it work in practical terms. There are many different reasons why strategies and plans do not function or why changes do not produce the expected result – far too many to be mentioned here.

However, one element is always present: The human consequences have been neglected. If employees do not immediately adopt the strategy it is often due to the fact that the changes imply some unfortunate consequences which may even be unintentional on the part of the management.

Therefore, it is a healthy sign if there is resistance. It may be due to employees not finding that their abilities and skills are appreciated and used – or the distance between theory and practice being too far apart. This may also be a healthy sign. Gaining acceptance of strategies, plans, goals and values requires real acceptance from the company’s most valuable resource: The employees. 

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